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Youth Behavior and Attitude

October 18, 2014
Have good manners

The youth power and behavior

Youth is age of between childhood and adulthood, When we are discussing about youth attitude, it is similar to other but if you analysis they are different from child and adult just like they are thinking about their freedom and identity. What are they doing and what will be the effect on their life in future but there is on more thing they didn’t think about that, that is parents and society thinking, they just want to live like a person whom they are not justifying, at this time we (Society and parents) always says this is wrong because they have passed this time and they know if we will not guide them they can choose wrong way and can hurt their future.

Youth, although linked to biological processes of development and aging, as i said, they always defined as social position that reflect that meaning different culture and societies give to individuals between childhood and adulthood. They love their freedom and whatever they want to do. This is just like, they think they are not getting their freedom because of their parents but they didn’t knew they are not occupying their free but parents just want to keep their young child out any kind of trouble.

Here is few rules for youth:-

1. Don’t be moody:- Sometime you are feeling you are choosing your way this is called moody, at this time you need to take some precaution like take deep breath and think about what are you doing, this will help you to protect or think positive.

2. Listen to others:- It is quit often today’s youth or young generation don’t want to listen any of people, Avoid it, Always tried to listen what peoples are saying and don’t try to shout on them and harsh tone in onward answers.

3. Helping Tendency:- Try to help peoples, and avoid to ignore criminal activities.

4. Respect:- Respect to every human being and nature creature and animals.

5. Respect the other sex:- Feeling about opposite sex and they will respect you and love you back.

6. Arguments:- Try to avoid any kind or argument those are not effected your life.

7. Gossip and Rumors:- Gossip and rumors can hurt a human being or nature creature.

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8. Have good manners:- Human being will respect you when your behave manner full.

9. Be decent:- Don’t be a jerk.

10. Good time spent and hangout:- If you have choose good friend circle and good human (people) you can’t be wrong.

11. Read informative books:- Books are friend of human it provide good knowledge and information about nature and social life.

12. Don’t use drugs:- Drugs are not good for health sometime it can be not all the time just avoid it you will be happy and calm.

13. Don’t Drink or smoke:- Smoking and Drinking both are injurious of health just avoid these kind of habits.

14. Meditate:- It will keep you calm and nice attitude.

15. Don’t Underestimate other:- you have listen a dialogue this is “Don’t underestimate the power of common man”, it means just listen to other and react when needed.

16. Confident:- Confidence and over confidence both are different things just be confident not over confident, because over confident guys will make mistakes but confident guys can do mistakes.


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